Cryptocurrency & NFTs are just the beginning.

Training ~ Setup ~ Storage ~ Support

TrūIQ® is proud to introduce Q-Clūb™, where members of TrūIQ® can learn about and prosper from the exciting new world of  cryptocurrency, without having to become an expert in blockchain technologies.  Our support and services are tailored to fit your needs and experience and will make participation in this new and exciting world of crypto, NFT’s, smart contract, Web3 and DAO’s, a reality.

Join Q-Clūb™ and start learning and earning today.  

Q-Clūb Pro™ Features 

    • TRONLink wallet set-up, storage, and support (via phone & shared desktop)
    • Secure storage of your TrūQoin wallet, account information and TrūQoins with 3-Entity Authentication (3-Ent Auth.)¹
    • Emergency TrūQoin Account Retrieval Services™
    • Additional acquisition options of TrūQoin during the DEX On-boarding System (DOBS) process.²
    • No TrūQoin purchase or exchange fees during the TrūQoin DOBS process.³
    • Commissions from Q-Clūb Member’s subscriptions.4
    • TrūPoints awarded for each month’s paid subscription.5
    • Advanced education and training on TrūQoin’s smart contract, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and upcoming blockchain and smart contract programs.

Member Price: $90.00/mo. (Introductory offer: $24.95/mo.) 

¹ 3-Entity Authorization is exclusive to TruIQ and requires the notification and approval of a CTO, CEO, and an unaffiliated legal entity (i.e., attorney).
² Purchase of TruQoin through the Q-Club must be made via wire transfer and will not include DOBS Points. Please consider carefully if you are willing to forgive these points.
Minimum purchase amount may apply.
³ May require staking of up to $25 in TRX within your TRON wallet, which will be returned to the Member’s wallet upon the completion of the DOBS. Instructions (video) on staking is available in the Q-Club DIY Video Library.
4All commissions will be paid in accordance to the TrūIQ’s official Fusion Pay Plan™.  TruIQ Member must remains Active and Qualified to receive commission.
5TruPoints are awarded on the day of payment. TruIQ Member must remains Active and Qualified. Any reversal of payment will initiate a reversal of TruPoints at 1.5X (-150%) of the original value.
Note: To access Trū and to participate in the DEX On-Boarding System™ (DOBS), NFT purchases and to view all transaction and activity TrūPoints™, Members must have a valid TRONLink (Tronix) wallet entered into their TrūIQ® Team Office™ (under the Miners Tab/Wallet).

NOTICE: TrūIQ® DOES NOT SALE TruQoin™, or any other cryptocurrency through this site. 

TrūQoin™ Miner’s Site

DIY Video Library:  How To Obtain TrūQoin™

Step 1: Download and Install a TRONLink Wallet. (Chrome Example) (10:48)

  • Hint:

    Do not install and/or set up your TronLink wallet on your mobile device. Web3 (which we use to log you into the TrūQoin Miners site) at this point, only works on a desktop, laptop or tablet. A mobile solution should be available later this year.     

Step 2: Insert Your Wallet into Team Office (2:45)

  • Hint:

    Do not try to manually type your wallet address into the TRON Address field in your Team Office. The address is 34 characters long and there is a high probability, that you will type it in wrong. Highlight and then Copy (CNTL+C) your wallet address and then Paste (CNTL+P) your wallet address into the TRONLink field in your Team Office/Miners section.

Step 3: Set up an Exchange and Purchase TRON (16:54)

  • How to wire funds to TrūIQ® (Instructions)

    If you would like to avoid setting up an Exchange, and would rather have a TrūIQ representative help you purchase TrūQoin™, please call.   You will be required to transfer your funds to TrūIQ’s TrūQoin holding account, so that we can facilitate the purchase.

Step 4: Log into the TrūQoin Miners Site: (2:34)

  • Hint:

    Once you insert your TRON wallet address into your Team Office, it will take approximately 12-24 hours for that address to be uploaded to the blockchain and TrūQoin Miner’s site. 

Step 5: Purchase TrūQoin (5:59)

  • Hint:

    There are two ways in which to pre-purchase TrūQoin. Through the DOBS within the Miners site, or for bulk purchases, by wire. To learn more about the DOBS, visit You must have your Tron wallet address installed in order to log into the Miner’s site.
    For wire purchases, call the home office at 888-777-6864. 

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